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Full HD Graphics

It has a full HD screen and 5000-lumen laser projectors, giving players in the batting cage an MLB stadium-like experience with realistic graphics of the stadium, players, and fans.

Sound System

Includes HD speakers and surround sound to enhance realistic perception of a baseball stadium through the actual play sound effects, broadcasting, and crowd noise.

Vision Sensors

One of the world’s most precise sensors as it accurately detects and projects the ball’s movement during strikes, balls, fouls, hits, and home runs.

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It uses high-speed cameras with a 98% accuracy rate for detecting the precise trajectory of the ball. It includes automatic sensing inside the batting cage, which prevents accidents by allowing the ball to be pitched only when sensors identify the batter inside the cage.

Touch Kiosk

It includes a cutting-edge touch-screen red kiosk PC that gives players a simple tool to improve an active and engaging baseball experience.

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Choose your teams, game modes, and each player’s difficulty level, ball speed, and height to make your game uniquely yours.

Develop a defensive strategy for your opponent by altering the ball’s trajectory, speed, and defender placement with each pitch. Observe the score, the statistics, and the playing time.

Pitching Machine, Slider & Ball Collector

It has adjustable ball height, direction, and speed for each player.

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A pitching slider that automatically opens only when a sensor detects it. It is the system for automatically collecting balls, including softballs, to make hitting easier and reduce injury risk.

Strikezon Software

Up to 18 Players

You can add up to 18 players per sim.

4 Game Modes

Choose any of our four different game modes.

Player Setting

You can personalize every player’s setting.

Select Teams & Uniforms

You can choose your team from your friends and family

Game Options

Personalize your own game.

Start the Game

Call the player to enter the cage once the game is ready.

Game Interaction

Make a defensive plan and adjust the ball’s speed, height, and trajectory for each player.


The system records each hit.

About Strikezon

Strikezon provides the most authentic indoor baseball experience and the highest quality premium product available on the market by fusing HD screen simulation, high-speed camera sensors, and real ball-play. Global Golf Plus provides baseball strikezon simulators to enthusiasts to experience unreal and best indoor baseball experiences.