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Who Are We

Global Golf Plus caters to the one-time recreational golfer and baseball player, up to the golf and baseball enthusiast! Extend your sporting season, improve skills, and elevate your game. 

Situated in a recently renovated area of the Estevan Market Mall, the baseball and golf simulation center provides an accurate golf and baseball simulation experience. Modern technology is used in the Golfzon golf simulators, which offer play on over 200 international golf courses. We also feature a lounge, adding to your entertainment experience. We offer the simulator experience as a low-cost, all-skill-level, all-weather activity that can be enjoyed by sports beginners and seasoned players looking to improve their skills during the off-season.

Our Mission

The mission of Global Golf Plus is to provide local golf and baseball enthusiasts a realistic sporting experience all winter long. We also aim to be the go-to place for pre-teens to adults seeking opportunities for casual entertainment. Global Golf Plus is the solution for anyone looking for an accessible, cost-effective indoor recreational activity to enjoy year-round and especially when the weather is less favorable outside.

Golfzon’s brand-new, cutting-edge baseball and golf simulators feature more than 200 international courses for a realistic indoor golfing experience.

We are improving the overall customer experience by providing a comfortable and relaxed golf simulator space and lounge.